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Early Music Vocal Ensemble with Baroque Instruments

Education is a major component of Echoing Air's mission: we delight not only in introducing both young and old listeners to our music and our instruments, but engaging them in a way that lets them become a part of it.
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Echoing Air's inter-generational Vocal Ensemble performed with the Peabody Consort in the 2017 Indianapolis Early Music Festival to critical acclaim.
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The Peabody Consort with Echoing Air Vocal Ensemble in "Music of Three Faiths" at the 2017 Indianapoilis Early Music Festival. "...The cantigas segment showed some of this music's range, with Steven Rickards' Echoing Air Vocal Ensemble supporting Bosworth in the refrains. Their pure, floating vocal timbre as a group perfectly complemented the soloist's more penetrating lyrical agility, exquisitely phrased...." (Jay Harvey)
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Jeffrey Collier coaches a recorder ensemble for the Madrigal Feast presented annually by King's Court Choir of North Central High School in Indianapolis.
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Echoing Air's 2017 Side-by-side Concert at Marian University.
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Jeffrey gives Marian University Student Andrew Wolfe an introduction to Baroque flute.
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As Ensemble for Outreach for the Miami Bach Society's "Bach to School" program, Echoing Air presented Miami/Dade County students with an introduction to the instruments, music, and life of the Baroque.
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Christine Kyprianides introduces a student to the viola da gamba. Looks like it suits him!
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A brave student trying Baroque flute for the first time.
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Steven engages a class of high school students in Miami.
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Christine amuses as she teaches the leaders of tomorrow about the viola da gamba.
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Echoing Air's Side-by-side concert at Marian University in 2016.